Why choose UltraLAN


Strict quality control processes are conducted at our factories to insure our products are top notch and adhere to ANSI/EIA and ISO standards.

Cost Effective

Infrastructure should not break the bank - UltraLAN provides economical solutions without compromising on material and build quality of our products.

High Volume Ready

We have extensive experience with large scale manufacturing and have world class factories to accommodate volume production.


Structured Cabling Solutions

Full range of cabling products for complete installations

A well-planned structured cabling system facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing of resources, accommodates ever-changing technology, offers room for growth, and evolves with your organization.
UltraLAN offers a complete range of wired infrastructure products which are manufactured to world class standards, without the exorbitant price point of competitors.
  • Network cabinets for telecoms equipment
  • CAT5e Ethernet Cabling
  • UV Shielded Outdoor Cabling
  • Full range of cabinet accessories
  • Network cabinets for server rack equipment
  • CAT6 Solid Copper Ethernet Cabling
  • Modular Connectors & Surface Mount Boxes
  • Range of tools from cable testers to crimpers

Benefits Of A Network Cabinet

Free Up Space

Mount your network equipment in a cabinet to maximize your storage, ideal for when floor space is limited.

Air Flow

Keep your equipment running cool with cabinet fans to provide proper air flow and ventilation.

Effective Power Distribution

Add a PDU strip in your cabinet to provide a close central point for your equipment's power sockets.

Additional Security

Lock your cabinet to provide additional safeguarding and avoid tampering with crucial infrastructure.

Cable Management

Patch panels, brush panels, and cable organizer plates insures that your network cables are tidy and tangle free.


The cabinet's tempered glass door allows you to see your equipment inside, providing an easy overview of your equipment status.

Noise reduction

With all your network gear centralized in a cabinet, your sound footprint is minimized.

Environmental protection

Having your equipment enclosed adds additional protection from the elements such as keeping dust out.

ESD Elimination

Our free standing cabinets come with earthing and grounding strips to prevent damage to your kit from electrostatic discharge.

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About UltraLAN

UltraLAN brings networks to life through an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions that deliver increased performance for our customers worldwide.

We design, customize and manufacture best-in-class rugged, reliable integrated cabling products, server cabinets, tools, test equipment and related accessories.

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