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Network Cabling

UltraLAN's networking cable features blazing bandwidth transmission, where only the best will do. Our cable is ideal for high capacity traffic networks, provides better power conduction, and is more resilient.

Use UltraLAN's Ethernet network cable to future proof your infrastructure and take your cabling system to the next level.

  • Available as copper clad Aluminium or solid copper.
  • Various lengths and colours to choose from.
  • Wide variety of cabling types (indoor / outdoor / flyleads).
  • Producing high quality CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7, shielded and UTP.

Network Cabinets

Network cabinets provides an elegant and efficient solution for the telecommunications, electronics, data and IT industries' network storage needs, keeping equipment neatly stored and centralised. UltraLAN cabinets are an excellent and cost-effective solution for installations where floor space is at a premium.

Featuring 19" numbered mounting rails, our cabinets allows for easier alignment and equipment installation. UltraLAN's large cabinets come 'flat packed' to keep the size to a minimum when shipping, saving you money.

  • Incredible disruptive pricing.
  • Available as free standing, wall mount, or swivel cabinets.
  • Adjustable rail depth to suit all equipment types.
  • Powder coated with paint for longer life spans & scratch resistance.
  • Durable folded steel construction, and highly cost effective.
  • Toolless removable side panels for easy access


Tools and Accessories

UltraLAN is commited to being a full cabling solutions manufacturer, and offers versatile networking tools at an exteremly low price point.

Essential for both professionals and enthusiasts toolboxes, UltraLAN offers durable tools such as crimping tools, cable testers, stripping tools, and cable cutters. We also produce a full range of accessories for our network cabinets including trays, power distribution units, 220V high airflow fans, and much more.

  • Inexpensive yet reliable and high quality.
  • Flexible, durable, and cost effective.
  • High volume bulk orders ready.


Take your networks to the next level!

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About UltraLAN

UltraLAN brings networks to life through an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions that deliver increased performance for our customers worldwide.

We design, customize and manufacture best-in-class rugged, reliable integrated cabling products, server cabinets, tools, test equipment and related accessories.

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